Couple Performs A Doctor Who Themed Tango To The Show's Theme Song On BBC's Equivalent Of 'Dancing With The Stars'

This is a video of journalist Stacey Dooley and professional dancer Kevin Clifton performing a Doctor Who themed tango to the show’s theme song on the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Obviously, Stacey is portraying the new Thirteenth Doctor, and Kevin, Mr. Freeze. “He’s a Cyberman.” Oh – right. You have to admit, it is nice to see Mr

Creating fractals with ggplot2 and patchwork

Methods for generating fractals so far: This inspired me to continue my series on creating fractals out of constructs in R

Everybody Needs A Hobby

Because it’s best to remain active during the Ultimate Frisbee offseason, this is a short video of members of the Flight Crew jump rope team demonstrating a couple of the tricks they’ve been working on recently. Pretty impressive. Obviously, I’d be a huge asset to their team. “You want to jump?” No, I want to COACH


This is a timelapse video of two houseplants (Oxalis triangularis, aka false shamrock, and a Marantra species) seen moving throughout the day. So dynamic! It’s almost like they’re alive. “Plants are alive.” Well most of mine aren’t. And the ones that are seem so lazy. They just sit around all day drinking up all the water I should be drinking but don’t because I hate drinking water

Marine Pilot Under Investigation For Flying Invisible Wiener Pattern In Sky

A US Marine pilot is currently under investigation after flying in a pattern above the Salton Sea in California’s Imperial and Coachella Valleys that very clearly resembles a penis. Just not a very big one, at least by my standards

Measuring Performance With Server Timing

When undertaking any sort of performance optimisation work, one of the very first things we learn is that before you can improve performance you must first measure it

Notoriously Difficult 'Flight Of The Bumblebee' Performed On Bass Guitar

Presumably to raise awareness to the plight of dying bees everywhere, this is a video of musician and Youtuber Davie504 (previously) performing Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s notoriously difficult ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’ on bass

Powdery Mildew on Filaree

I was walking around my neighborhood in Davis, CA one day when I noticed a strange looking weed on the ground that had powdery mildew on it’s surface. Powdery mildews are a group of biotrophic fungi that I had studied for my master’s degree

Problem Solving

This is a video news report highlighting New South Wales Australian man Shane Swanscott, who was recently pulled over by police towing his new boat with a mobility scooter because “he needed to go fishing” after losing his license. I wonder how he lost his license in the first place. I mean, clearly he’s an exemplary decision maker

Week 4: Themes and Labels

This is the fourth of a series of posts on how to use ggplot2 to visualise data in R. We begin by loading the tidyverse package which contains ggplot2 alongside other useful packages

Whatever Works

This is a video from Cariacica, Brazil of bus drivers in training learning what it feels like to be a tiny piece of meat pedaling down the street when a 15-ton bus comes screaming by only 1.5-meters (5-feet) away. The purpose is to teach the drivers to maintain a minimum 1.5-meters between their buses and cyclists

devtools 2.0.0

devtools 2.0.0 is a major release! It contains all work from the last major release (1.13

Analysis essentials

There are a lot of practical skills involved in doing an analysis that are essential but that I rarely (never?) see included in the curriculum, statistics or otherwise. These are skills like how to organize your data, how to approach QAQC, and how to set up a naming algorithm for files

Deepfake Video Of Nic Cage Replacing Other Actors' Faces In Iconic Movie Scenes

In even more beautiful than butterflies news, this is the latest video from Derpfakes (previously) featuring Nicolas Cage’s face replacing those of famous actors in iconic movie scenes (just like I said in the title – no bait-and-switch

Do you have a minute to talk about hydrogen water?

[tl;dr: it won’t kill you but it will probably not bring benefit that you expect] Social influencing can be hard. As a content creator, you want to maximise the amount of content you produce and minimise the amount of time it takes you to produce it


This is an animated video created by Jared Owen detailing the inner workings of the humble gumball machine. I thought the engineering of the coin mechanism was particularly clever

Fictional Fight Commentary For A Battle Between Jason And Freddy

This is a very well produced video of some fictional fight commentary for a deathmatch style battle between Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. It’s twelve minutes long. It could have been five. Or less

Freaky Deaky

This is a video from a forest in Sacré-Coeur, Quebec, Canada of high winds causing the forest floor to ‘breathe’. It’s actually a result of the trees’ interconnected root systems being pulled upwards as the trees are yanked around by the wind

Get It!

In a video that would undoubtedly make young Zombie Jonathan squeal with delight, this is some footage from the Oregon Zoo of a large African spurred tortoise named Dozer breaking into and eating a pumpkin. Just look at him go. Reminds me of myself the first time I tried to carve a pumpkin without a knife because my mom said I wasn’t ready for one yet

It Was Meant To Be

This is a video from Istanbul, Turkey of a cat appropriately crashing the catwalk at the recent Esmod International Fashion Show in order to lick its privates, playfully bat at the models walking by, and eventually strut down the runway itself. It honestly couldn’t be more perfect

JASP Videos + Guides

Hey everybody! I am back and finally getting to videos again. I hesistate to say “it’s been crazy!” because I feel like that’s always a thing that academics say, but I will say I’ve had a lot of life going on, and I am finally getting back to a normal amount of crazy

LEGO Pop-Up Storybook Makes It To Production

These are the official product shots of the $70 ‘Once Upon A Brick’ pop-up LEGO storybook being released November 1st

MakeoverMonday 29-10-2018

This week the topic of #MakeoverMonday was the subject of hand washing after using the

Polygon labeling with polylabelr

Because it appeared to be such a valuable tool for R users, I decided to create a wrapper for the c++ header for polylabel and bundle it as a package for R

RStudio IDE Custom Theme Support

We’re excited to announce that RStudio v1.2 has added support for custom editor themes. Custom editor themes will allow you to adjust the background color of the editor and syntax highlighting of code in RStudio to better suit your own personal style

Reproducible Finance, the book! And a discount for our readers

If you are familiar with the R Views posts, then you probably have a pretty good sense for the book’s style, prose, and code approach, but I’d like to add a few quick words of

Video Of A Beautiful Butterfly Swarm In Vietnam

Because the world isn’t complete garbage yet, this is a beautiful video of hundreds of butterflies swarming in Ninh Binh, Vietnam, presumably because the person filming disturbed them. It looks like a scene out of a movie. A movie my girlfriend insist I watch with her instead of playing Red Dead Redemption 2 all weekend


The default code in the carbon object is taken from the clipboard. But can also be defined inline. Code can be a character object of any length. The code is kept in the object and can be changed at any time

rlang 0.3.0

With tidy dots, users can splice in lists of arguments: They can unquote names: And trailing empty arguments are always ignored to make copy-pasting easier: Chaining errors is relevant when you’re calling low-level APIs such as web scraping, JSON parsing, etc

Emulating ligatures with concealing in vim

Ligatures are typographic eye-candy where a special glyph replaces a combination of two or more letters or signs

Machine Learning Posts - Digest 03

In this week’s digest I am posting NLP related

Monitoring MVP

Asset management, documentation and monitoring are important parts of any IT Ops team but at the same time they are boring, repetitive, error prone

Phyllotaxis Sprial and Prime Numbers - Experiment

I’ve wrote function to draw flower as above, so I can now experiment by changing below

RmarkdwonのYAMLフロントマターで titleとか authorとか 改行する

@niszet0 さん著「R MarkdownでWord文書を作ろう」を読んでます。


ファイルの拡張子を取得する方法をいつも忘れるのでメモ import os file_path = “hoge/” root, ext = os.path


すぐ忘れるのでTex表記をまとめて起きます。 Qiitaが使っているというEasy Copy MathJaxを用います。 読み 表示 tex デルタ $\Delta$ \Delta ナブラ $\nabla$ \nabla 白抜き $\mathbb E[\cdot]$ \mathbb E[\cdot] 属する $\in$ \in 要素 $\ni$ \ni 条件付き確率 $p(x \mid y)$ p(x \mid y) ドット $x_1,x_2, \ldots, x_t$ x_1,x_2, \ldots, x_t カリグラフィーフォント $\mathcal L$ \cal L 太文字ベクトル $\boldsymbol{w}$ \boldsymbol{w}

'Fahrenheit 451' That Can Only Be Read When Heat Is Applied Is Now Available For Preorder

A special edition of Fahrenheit 451 is now available for preorder (previously seen HERE when it was first conceived because, like an elephant or a vindictive girlfriend, I never forget) that can only be read when heat is applied to the pages via lighter or match

(R) Election Hacking

A bit over a week ago, Twitter’s new-ish Elections integrity team released two datasets with ‘all the accounts and related content associated with potential information operations that we have found on our service since 2016.’ We’re talking about millions of Tweets in dozens of languages stored in a single 5.3 GB CSV file

A Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Automatic Cat Feeder

This is the prototype Ghostbusters ghost trap automatic cat feeder created by If industries. It can operate as a computer controlled timed cat feeder or a Wi-Fi enabled device that can be triggered to open at anytime from anywhere via sms, tweet, email, or a phone call

Bad Ideas

This is a video of a couple intrepid explorers maniacs with a jet boat blasting their craft across the rocky flats connecting two bodies of water. I can’t imagine the boat’s hull was thrilled about that. The person filming was though – I can recognize a heartfelt ‘Woohoo!’ when I hear one

Dumbo Octopus Puts On A Show For Unmanned Submersible

This is a video of a ‘big eared’ (actually the animal’s mantle fins) Dumbo octopus putting on a show for the unmanned submersible Hercules near the Davidson Seamount in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of central California. This particular specimen is about two feet long and a CERTIFIED CUTIE

Giant Industrial Pipe Spool Rolls Down Highway As Drivers Move To Avoid It

Seen here looking exactly like one of the daydream fantasies I have while commuting to work on a Monday morning, this is a video from Interstate 10 near Houston of a giant industrial spool rollings its way down the highway as drivers move to avoid

Headless WordPress

WordPress came a long way from its start as a simple blog writing tool. A long 15 years later it became the number one CMS choice for developers and non-developers alike. WordPress now powers roughly 30% of the top 10 million sites on the web

It's Just A Scratch

This is a very short video of a man in China driving what can only be described as a mint condition Nissan on his way to the body shop, presumably just for a detailing. You think it got flattened by a runaway industrial pipe spool? Admittedly, I’m impressed it’s still drivable

Nailed It

This is the AT-AT costume custom built for a 2,000-pound Clydesdale horse by prop maker Mike’s Tiny Shop of Martinsville, Indiana in an attempt to set the Guinness World Record for largest equine Star Wars costume. Dare to dream



The CSS Working Group At TPAC

Last week, I attended W3C TPAC as well as the CSS Working Group meeting there. Various changes were made to specifications, and discussions had which I feel are of interest to web designers and developers

They're Coming

This is a video of two of the FlyCroTug drones developed by researchers at Stanford University and the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland that are capable of working together to manipulate heavy

listening, oct. 18

Records I gripped // dances I caught // mixes I was bumpin’ this

Company Now Take Preorders On This $150,000 Hoverbike

Hoversurf has announced it is now taking preorders on its $150,000 Hoverbike Scorpion 3 (previously seen HERE and HERE), with deliveries expected in two to six

Dad Builds Father-Daughter Mech Warrior Costume For The Two Of Them

This is a video demonstration of the Stalker J-1 Mech Warrior costume built by father Griddlock Cosplay for he and his daughter to wear to the Edmonton Comic Expo 2018

Explosive Experimentation

Note: Some appropriate cursing at the very end. This is a video of two idiots men after my own heart igniting a leaf pile after dousing it with a healthy amount of gasoline. You can tell they’re seasoned professionals because of the rolled up paper towels they’re using to try to start the fire

I'm Flying Jack!

This is an older video of a group of kids pushing a 300kg (~660-pound) tractor tire down a hill to watch it bounce and catch some serious air before cannonballing into the lake below to start a new freshwater reef. “There’s no such thing.” There is a such thing, that’s just not what this tire is going to do

NFL team logos using ggimage

First, we read in the data, and create what would be a typical plot that highlights run and pass performance for each offense. There’s a bunch that can be gleamed from the chart above

Paikkatietoaineistojen lataaminen rajapinnalta R

Huomasin analysoidessani Oulun postinumeroalueita, että R:llä useiden eri shapefilejen lataaminen WFS-rajapinnalta käy aivan leikiten. Kun äskettäin opin myös hyödyntämään yhä paremmin stringr-paketin työkaluja kuten str_split() (stringin paloittelu) ja str_subset (string-vektorin suodatus), hiirityöskentelyn määrä lähentelee nollaa

Popular Halloween Candy on US State Grid Map

Halloween is just around the corner, I am still trying to decide which candies to purchase this year for trick-or-treaters

PyBay 2018 San Francisco

Rachel Thomas is the co-founder of and a Professor of Data Science at UCSF. Working on an AI product myself I really enjoyed this keynote as it got me to think beyond just meeting the MVP of the product I am helping design and build

R Markdown で PlantUML

@niszet0 さんの “R MarkdownでWord文書を作ろう” を摘み食いしてます (以下RmdでWord本).

Replicating Flowingdata Population Charts in R

Nathan Yau recently produced a number of really nice looking visualisations of population data as part of an article entitled “Ask the Question, Visualize the Answer”

Smart Thinking

This is a video of the San Bernardino Police Department of California using a bag of loose Doritos to lure an escaped pig named Smalls back home. In their own words while I get my arm stuck in the vending machine again

Swiss Space-Saving Toilet Bowl Doubles As A Sink

This is a video demonstration of a space-saving public toilet in Switzerland (it’s a very small country) that also doubles as the bathroom’s sink. I especially like how putting the seat down with the sink running makes it look like somebody peed all over on the seat

T-Pain's Custom Pickle Rick Wrap On His Nissan 240SX

This is an Instagram video of T-Pain unveiling and dancing in front of the custom Pickle Rick wrap he just got on his Nissan 240SX. As far as Pickle Rick car wraps go, it’s definitely the best one I’ve seen. Of course it’s also the only one I’ve seen. Kinda like how my brother is my favorite brother. “Because he’s your only brother

Video Playback On The Web

In my previous post, I examined video trends on the web today, using data from the HTTP Archive

AI Corporations and Communities in Africa with Karim Beguir & Muthoni Wanyoike

Instadeep helps large enterprises understand how AI can benefit them. Karim stresses that it is possible to build advanced AI and machine learning programs in Africa because of the growing community of passionate developers and mentors for the new generation

Apollo 11's Journey To The Moon, Annotated

This is a fascinating five minute video discussing the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, and what it took to be a success. SPOILER: A whole bunch of luck and magic. “It was math and science.” You know, there really is no difference if you look closely enough. See what I’m doing here? “Staring at your nipple through a magnifying glass?” I rest my case


FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve been puking for three days and operating with almost no sleep or food in my system but I’m gonna try the best I can but I really don’t feel well. NASA was recently able to repair a gyroscope that was spinning too fast aboard the Hubble Space Telescope and preventing the telescope from being able to lock onto a target by turning it off and back on again

From Messy to Tidy

1 Partially Tidy Data Sets 2 Philippine Geography Crash Course 3 Geography Challenge 3.1 Location Level 3.2 Region Tags 3

Home Halloween Light Show Choreographed To The Best Of Michael Jackson

Because everyone has that one neighbor, this is an over-the-top Halloween home light show set to some of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits. I already didn’t feel good when I started watching it, and it definitely wasn’t the medicine for my sickness. All those blinking lights – I think they may have altered my brain chemistry. Ask me something

Lunatic Parkours Down Side Of Parking Garage

Aim for an SUV. Because stairs and elevators are for fans of living, this is a video of some maniac parkouring down the exterior of a parking garage. Personally, I would have driven my car through the wall, but that’s just me and everything I learned about driving I learned from The Dukes Of Hazzard and Fast And Furious movies. Let’s launch over it

Predicting Airfares on New Routes

This post will talk about multiple linear regression in the context of machine learning. Linear regression is one of the simplest and most used approaches for supervised learning. This tutorial will try to help you in how to use the linear regression algorithm

Source A Python, There's Nothing To It, Vogue

Ever since RStudio announced version 1.2 of their IDE, in which you can run both R and Python, with the help of the reticulate package - my life has changed

Thanks, Internet!

This is a video of a ‘Sale’ crazy dancing inflatable tube man shaking all his cylindrical parts to AWOLNATION’S ‘Sail’. Apparently the person filming had to make two u-turns to capture this video, although I’d be willing to drive over a median and crash off a bridge into a river for footage so perfect

Timelapse Of A Glacier Flowing Through A Valley Like A River

This is a video from BBC Earth Lab discussing the flowing movement of glaciers. Scientists have calculated the particular glacier in this timelapse moves about 275 meters per year, or about three-quarters the length of your penis. Now print this article out and show you friends and never say I haven’t done anything nice for you

Video Playback On The Web

Usage of video on the web is increasing as devices and networks become faster and more capable of handling video content. Research shows that sites with video increase engagement by 80%. E-Commerce sites with video have higher conversions than sites without video

“Demystifying Data Science” remote notes

The major fields are: Common issues were: She also noted that we should be careful about color schemes. She suggested that there are websites to check how your figures would appear to others with colorblindness



Cross-over study design with a major constraint

This post takes a look at how to generate data for and analyze data from a more standard cross-over trial, and then presents the solution we came up with for the problem at hand

Do Not Shade R

I Got Sucked In Over the past few months I’ve resisted distraction by the pretty awesome work that Tyler Morgan Wall has been doing with his rayshader package. His blog post on the topic is visually stunning, accessible, and pedagogically effective

Introducing Connectors

Introduction We’re excited today to introduce you to a preview release of a new Wallaroo feature: Connectors. Connectors make inputting and receiving data from Wallaroo even easier

MakeoverMonday 22-10-2018

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to look at a #MakeoverMonday as I’ve been very busy with other things. But back at it this week, this time looking at beer prices at different baseball grounds

RStudio 1.2 Preview

plumber is a package that converts your existing R code to a web API using a handful of special one-line comments. RStudio 1.2 provides the following plumber-related productivity enhancements: Let’s take a look at the new features

Splicing HTML’s DNA With CSS Attribute Selectors

For most of my career, attribute selectors have been more magic than science. I’d stare, gobsmacked, at the CSS for outputting a link in a print style sheet, understanding nothing. I’d dutifully copy, and paste it into my print stylesheet then run off to put out whatever project was the largest burning trash heap

Steps for writing a Twitter summary conference blog post

Here’s the actual process I used. Create a Google doc or some other simple text file you can access easily from your phone and laptop

Week 3: #BarBarPlots

This is the third of a series of posts on how to use ggplot2 to visualise data in R. This post introduces some new functions—use the help() if anything is unclear. We begin by loading the tidyverse package which contains ggplot2 alongside other useful packages

ZenBook Pro 15 UX580レビュー:ScreenPadのポテンシャルが高すぎて使い道がわからない

最近のラップトップって、妙に多様性が出てきていませんか? たとえばMacBook ProのTouch Barであったり、IFA 2018でレノボから発表された「YOGA BOOK」なんて、キーボードがすべてE-Inkですよ。なんてへんたいてきなんだ(褒めてます、驚いてます)! 昨今の技術の進歩によって、パソコン操作の既成概念を打ち破るようなマシーンが創造されています。今回触った「ASUS

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS、どちらのベゼルが薄いでしょうか!?

iPhone XSよりちょっと大きく、iPhone XS

iPhone XR 先行インプレッション:ハイエンドのXS最大のライバル


「iPhone XR」加入後のiPhoneファミリーで、ゲシュタルト崩壊! 再び!


【きょうのセール情報】Amazonタイムセールで90%以上オフも! 1,000円台のiPhone XS用覗き見防止フィルムやUSB充電対応の多機能頭皮マッサージ機がお買い得に



皆さん、ベッドサイドや枕元にはライト、いわゆるナイトライト的なものって用意してます? 今回、TaoTronicsのLED





ひとりでできるよ〜! 子どもに「手洗い・うがい」の習慣が身につくアイテム



スーパー実業家イーロン・マスクが持つ地下掘削業者The Boring

エネルギーを限りなくタダに! 自律ヨットで水素を運ぶという人物がブッ飛んでた

再開可能エネルギーを限りなくタダで届けることを目指して、小型自立分散自動操船ヨット「everblue sailing boat(仮)」を開発している人物、野間恒毅さんにインタビューしました!

シングルカメラのiPhone XR、デジタルズームは使いモノになる?




ノイキャンもaptX HDもGoogle アシスタントも。全部盛りレトロスタイルヘッドフォン

パイオニアブランドのレトロデザインなヘッドフォンシリーズ、Scene Style。その最上位モデル「S9wireless noise

外は隠して内を出そう。「REALITY Avatar」はアバター作成→配信→収益がスマホ1つで完結


好み別れるシングルカメラ。iPhone XRのポートレートモードはXSよりも、寄れる!